UX Engineering: Crafting the Partner Experience

I had the incredible opportunity of working at Apple this summer as a UX engineering intern on the iTunes Partner Resources & Help team. The site managed by this team provide resources for content providers such as record labels, movie studios, publishers, etc. I collaborated with other teams who manage various content types, such as Apps, Movies, Books, and Music. Personally, I both developed and designed components of the site that serves as an interface for the content providers of iTunes.

Specifically, I was responsible for 1) the development and user experience of the existing site, focusing on the mobile version of the site, and 2) the designs of both new program pages and the rehaul of the overall design of the site. Some of the technology I used included AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Git, and Gulp.


The focus of the development of the site this summer was getting the mobile version working. The goal was to provide access to consumers that use the site on their phones and tablets, in order to significantly increase usability and traffic through mobile platforms.

The development process was multifaceted. I worked on:

  • fixing bugs on the existing mobile site, which included aligning the site with existing design comps and user experience features.
  • I also implemented new animations, navigational optimizations, and overall usability measures for the mobile site.

In additional to development, I also created design comps of the changes we were planning for throughout the site, working with the iTunes Connect's design team to figure out what changes would help improve the usability of the site.

What this design process entailed was:

  1. Identifying requirements for the new pages and what information was most necessary and effective
  2. Specifying the details of the pages
  3. Knowing who the pages benefit and their purpose
  4. Gathering information about existing pages from competitors
  5. Crafting a design that satisfies all the requirements. I collaborated with a couple different teams during this project.

I also worked on an overall redesign of the Recourses and Help site. The proposed immediate changes focused on the most heavily used portions of the site. We focused on different options for content formatting to improve usability.

Additionally, I created comps for the restructuring of the landing page, individual content pages such as videos page, etc. I worked with the iTunes Connect design team in coming up with the best versions of these ideas, and we hope to further explore and implement the changes for the secondary pages in the future.